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KZUBR Electric Spray Gun Prices & Where to Buy KZUBR Electric Spray Gun in Ghana for Sale

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Product Parameters

Input Voltage: 220-230V ~ 50/60Hz

Output Power: 60W

Spray rate: 250/min

Nozzle diameter: 0.8mm

Container size: 700ml


About Parameters

  • Universal tool for spraying most paints and varnishes. Now it has become easy and quick to paint the surface, treat with an antiseptic, varnish, apply patterns. Eliminating the cost of consumables (rollers, brushes), reducing the consumption of the applied material, the absence of stains and drips, a significant acceleration.
  • For applying paints, varnishes and other soluble materials of appropriate viscosity on various surfaces.
  • By turning the fine adjustment button you can vary the spray amount.
  • Suction tube 700ml flow container allows you to work a long time.


More Amazing Functions

  • Universal sprayer for various works.
  • Simple and reliable product
  • Suitable for a wide range of materials.
  • Electromagnetic piston drive provides increased reliability compared to an electric motor
  • Flow control allows you to use materials of different viscosity (paints on a different basis, varnishes, etc.) and perform a variety of work (painting, coating, spraying)
  • 700ml flow container allows you to work on one filling station for a long time and does not burden the operator’s hands with excess weight
  • Easy disassembly of the spray mechanism for cleaning after use
  •  Increased reliability and the ability to quickly switch between different materials thanks to a spare nozzle and piston included


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