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Product Specifications

Voltage & Frequency : 220~230V   50~60Hz

Max Drill Capacity : 26mm

Input Power : 1050W

No Load Speed : 0-1000r/min


Release button   |   Mode selector knob   |   Drilling depth stop   |   Locking sleeve   |   ON/OFF switch   |   Reversing switch   |   Auxiliary handle   |   ON/OFF switch locking button


  • << ROYCE >> – a powerful and reliable, yet lightweight tool designed for the most demanding applications.
  • It combines a high energy impact, three modes of operation and effective anti-vibration system.
  • Due to Anti-slip handle provides a secure grip tool. The model comes in a handy plastic case.
  • Sufficient force of the blow hole allows you to quickly perform even the most hard materials without overloading products.
  • SDS-Plus cartridge for installation of a wide range of tools and consumables to its rapid replacement during operation.
  • Light weight and efficient heat dissipation due to the gearbox housing made of magnesium alloy, promoting long-term friendly products and fatigue for the operator work.
  • Anti-vibration system significantly reduces the harmful effects of vibration to the operator during prolonged work.
  • Safely clutch protects the product efficiently and operator overload at jamming tool.
  • Reliability and durability are provided with high-quality materials, precision workmanship and meticulous workmanship.




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