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It is very suitable for painting and dyeing on tables, chairs, fences, interior walls, handicrafts, etc. to make the surface smooth. Equipped with a durable and efficient 550 W motor, the Total Impact Drill Spray Gun paint sprayer is an indispensable tool for home use.

The device allows the application of paints of different densities, water-based paints, solvents, varnishes, primers, finishes, sealants, and primers.

Thanks to spraying, you can quickly and accurately paint hard-to-reach places, allowing you to evenly cover irregular surfaces with paint.

Even the application of paint on smooth surfaces and with different structures

Spray gun with an adjustable spray width

Non-slip handle

Adapted to commercially available paints, varnishes, and glazes with a viscosity of up to 80 DIN

3 nozzles of different sizes

3 levels of color flow regulation

Paint screwdriver with a capacity of 800 ml

Removable head for easy cleaning

Adequate current is obtained by turning the nozzle.

Due to the built-in compressor, it does not need an external supply of compressed air.

Pistol trigger switch with color flow control.