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Galvanized Roofing Clout Nails/Felt Nails


FELT NAIL feature a short shank with a large flat head which is ideal for applications such as applying roofing felt. These nails come in two sizes of 20mm x 3mm and 50mm x 3mm, and come in a 1kg tub or a 25kg box. The galvanized roofing nails have zinc coating which that acts as a protective barrier to avoid rust and corrosion.

Felt Nail Prices & Where to Buy Felt Nails in Ghana for Sale

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This nail is specially designed for roofing jobs making it different from all other type of nails. The galvanized roofing nail comes with a cap that helps prevent rain from sipping through holes. it also designed with a thread to enable it hold on to the wood that the roof is attached to, enabling it to be firm incase of rain, wind or storm.

  • Package includes 200 pcs steel roofing felt nails to meet your daily needs. Wire: approx. Ø 2.8mm / length: 15mm / head: approx. Ø 9mm.
  • High Quality Material: made of high quality carbon steel, the roofing nails are very hard and sharp enough to keep straight when you hammer them in, can be used at various types of materials, including wood and drywall, Suitable for use in most types of concrete walls, brick, plaster and pine.
  • Widely Used: For fastening roofing felt to wooden, used for fixed felt, repairing or installation sheds, pavilions, cabins, etc.
  • Galvanized: The surface is Galvanized, more effectively prevent nail corrosion.
  • This kit comes with a high quality PP transparent case to store all 200 pieces of your roofing felt 



Sizes Available:

  • 1”


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