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FINDER Cable Reel Family cable reel, industry cable reel, appearance and performance are combined together to be used everywhere, every time. BBQ, watering and industry use, all are OK with our unique water-proof function. You will never worry about the creepage problem. This is Finder Tools, Finder means safety.

Electric wire, PVC, PP, 45 # carbon steel FINDER TOOL

*Equipped with thermal circuit breaker

*Cable 25m H05VV-F 3G1.0mm

*4 holes with grounded receptacle 2P+T 16A

*It shuts off automatically if the cable gets too hot

*Coiled power:1000W max-230V

*Plug Power:3000W max-230V Power: 2300W – 230V/16A FINDER INDUSTRIAL Cable reel is Convenient to hoisting and release cable. Med engineering plastic, firm, anti-broken related copper 1,0mm² / 25M