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American Welding Electrode Holder Arc, 800A


Comfortable Design

Specially design for heavy duty works with a comfortable handle.


Well-organized diamond sawtooth design jaw for firm grip of rods in 45°, 90° to 180° positions

Insulated Handle

Fully insulated handle for both high conductivity and improved cable connections. High quality electrode holder.



  • AN IMPROVEMENT OVER TYPICAL CLAMP – This HZXVOGEN electrode holder permits quick and easy electrode exchange. This holder with grub screw fitting that gives positive and easy cable connection. If you are building up a welder or just need to replace your holder, this is the way to go
  • HOLDS ELECTRODES UP TO 6.0mm – HZXVOGEN electrode holder holds rods solid. Diamond sawtooth design jaw hold the rods very tightly and firmly. Please make sure you insert the rod properly and tighten it well
  • GREAT CAPACITY – 800amp capacity. Electrodes burn within 1″ from the head and can be bent to any angle and still be held secure
  • FULLY INSULATED, 100% SAFE – HZXVOGEN electrode holders are fully insulated. It will not subject to accidental short circuiting if bumped against the work- piece during welding
  • HEAVY DUTY ERGONOMIC DESIGN HANDLE – The handle of HZXVOGEN electrode holders is made of high performance over heated rubber for heavy duty applications. You can weld the 5.0mm rods with this electrode holder continuously for a day. It has a great feel and gripping space. Very durable.
  • Suitable for most arc welding jobs
    Holders have a fiberglass handle and jaw and are insulated for safe operation.
    Fully insulated to avoid any kind of shock or accident
    Fully insulated shock proof handle.
    Made from high quality materials for both high conductivity and need cable connection.

How to Use:

The electrode holder connects to the welding cable and con- ducts the welding current to the electrode.
The insulated handle is used to guide the electrode over the weld joint and feed the electrode over the weld joint and feed the electrode into the weld puddle as it is consumed.
Electrode holders are available in different sizes and are rated on their current carrying capacity.