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8 Blade Louvre Frame- Designed for Efficient Ventilation

Original price was: ₵43.00.Current price is: ₵42.57.

Typically crafted from durable materials this frame provides stability and support for the individual Louvre blades, enabling precise control over light, airflow, and privacy.

A Louvre frame serves as a structured framework designed to secure and control individual Louvre blades, facilitating their precise arrangement and movement.

This frame’s construction ensures uniform spacing between the Louvre blades, enabling efficient regulation of light, airflow, and privacy. By accommodating the blades within its design, the Louvre frame establishes an essential element of Louvre-style windows, doors, or architectural features, combining functionality and aesthetics seamlessly.

Its meticulous engineering and attention to detail make the Louvre frame a fundamental component in various applications where blade adjustment is essential, showcasing its significance in both historical and contemporary designs.