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4 Inch Length Plush Sleeve Cover Wall Paint Brush Roller

Original price was: ₵10.00.Current price is: ₵9.90.

Good quality nice for door edges and small areas, 4″ Corner Rollers (Best Quality) Nap Mini Rollers -4 inch Corner Rollers Light weight and Easy to Use. They even wash out easily for a second use! fit for the holder of 6mm metal wire frame. for precise painting on smooth, semi-smooth or rough surfaces at small areas and hard to reach places like corners or inside of cabinets, shorten painter’s time.

  • Best for enamel application,The 4″ mini roller has become a favorite of the professional and DIY enthusiast offering speed, efficiency, control and durability all this with a super high quality smooth finish.
  • 4″ unifiber 20 pcs,Efficiency Paint Roller Brushes: for Wood stain, Art crafts, Wall trim or stencils, Countertop paint, Furniture, fence touch ups, Home improvement. The dense fiber construction of the roller sleeves reduces dripping and spatter during your paint work.
  • Roller is shed resistant and offers a truly superb finish with all paints including enamels, gloss and semi gloss paints.
  • The high-quality unifiber’s superior absorption delivers lint-free coats with minimal stippling.Plastic Roller Handles can be attached to an extension pole for ceiling or high walls painting.
  • ✅ All paints and stains ✅ Are easy to use ✅ Washable for easy cleanup ✅ Reusable.