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21V KZUBR Battery Angle Grinder – Industrial Hardware Tool

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KZUBR POWER TOOLS Battery Angle Grinder (Model: KBAG-21V)

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Product Parameters

Output Voltage : 21V

Voltage & Frequency : 220~230V  50/60Hz

No Load Speed : 0-11000r/min

Disk Size : 100/115/125mm


About the Product

High torque – 2 times higher than that of a similar brush motor, high efficiency due to the most efficient conversion of electromagnetic energy into mechanical energy (due to the absence of switching), low power consumption, as a result of which the product works up to 4 times longer on a single battery charge.


  • High degree of engine protection thanks to intelligent control.
  • The engine controller allows you to flexibly adjust the torque and maintain it at the maximum level over a wide speed range.
  • The lack of constant switching in the collector and, accordingly, the absence of heating and losses due to transition resistance.
  • Increased reliability due to the absence of sparking, friction and contact parts.


More Amazing Functions

Li-Ion Pro battery for greater efficiency, the maximum voltage of a charged battery reaches 20V, increased by 50% of productivity, lack of memory effect, no power loss during operation.


  • Soft start allows you to spin a powerful engine without jerking and starting overload.
  • Stepless speed control for various types of work.
  • Maintaining revolutions helps to work without loss of performance at any load.
  • Overload protection protects the operator and the product when the disk is jammed.


Reliable protection of the main components from dust, a rotor with a kapron bandage and an additional layer of protective varnish, a stator with a special winding coating, dustproof switch with ultrasonic welding, the labyrinth seal of all ball bearings creates a dust-tight air barrier.


A network tool like no other

  • Specially designed gear housing to improve heat dissipation and ensure durability of the loaded unit.
  • The guide diffuser in the blower system contributes to the temperature stability of the main components.


High-tech replacement network tool that is many times more reliable, with flexible adjustment of speed and power, any control and protective systems. Non-networked with excellent ergonomics and light weight.


  • Convenient spindle lock for fast disk replacement
  • Press the button, turn the handle. An ergonomic grip provides more control
  • On/Off switch



As with all tools, keep away from children.


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