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JN884 Butterfly Knitting Sewing Machine


The Butterfly Seaming Machine JN884 is a versatile desktop tool, featuring three-wire, four-wire seaming capabilities, perfect for both beginners and experts. With adjustable settings, it seamlessly transitions between knitting and sewing modes, offering precision and ease. Durable, multifunctional, and compact, it’s ideal for various crafting projects.

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Butterfly Seaming Machine JN884 Multifunctional Professional Desktop Household Three-wire, Four-wire Seaming Machine 90W 220V.

The JN884 Butterfly Knitting Sewing Machine – your versatile crafting companion! Perfect for beginners and seasoned enthusiasts alike, this user-friendly machine makes knitting and sewing a breeze. With its compact design, it effortlessly combines functionality and convenience. Easily switch between knitting and sewing modes, creating beautiful designs with precision. The JN884 comes equipped with adjustable settings, ensuring seamless customization for your projects. Its intuitive controls make crafting enjoyable and stress-free. From fashion accessories to home decor, this Butterfly Knitting Sewing Machine is your go-to for unleashing your creativity. Elevate your crafting experience with the JN884 – where innovation meets simplicity!

– High quality fabrics:The manual machine is made of high quality plastic, durable and sturdy.
– Multifunctional: It is multifunctional and can be used as a quilting machine, also suitable for other sewing machines.
– Simple design: Simple design, reasonable structure, convenient installation and disassembly, easy to carry and use.
– Thickness: It is the perfect tool for a variety of clothes that can be connected to sewing, craft, paper and other fabrics.


– Machine model: JN884
– Rated voltage: 220~240v
– Line count: 2/3/4 lines
– Overlock width: 3.0~7.7mm
– Stitch length: 1~4mm
– Differential feed ratio: 1:0.7~1:2


– Power: 90w
– Sewing speed: 1300/min
– Lighting: LED lighting
– Gross weight: about 7.4KG


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