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JA2-1 New Butterfly Hand Sewing Machine


The JA2-1 New Butterfly Hand Sewing Machine is a lightweight, durable, and user-friendly tool ideal for quick, precise stitching. It features a stitch length regulator, sewing pedal, complete parts set, and supports straight and free-motion sewing, including instant reverse sewing.

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The JA2-1 New Butterfly Hand Sewing Machine – a handy tool for easy stitching! It’s perfect for sewing quickly and precisely on fabrics. Whether you’re new to sewing or a pro, this machine is simple to use. It’s built to last and works well on various projects. Plus, it’s lightweight and easy to carry, making it great for fixing things on the go. The JA2-1 New Butterfly Hand Sewing Machine is designed for smooth sewing with a comfortable handle. If you want a convenient, efficient, and reliable hand sewing experience, this new butterfly-inspired machine is just what you need!

Key Features

– Model: JA2-1
– Colour: Black
– Stitch Length Regulator
– Sewing PEDAL
– Straight stitches
– Complete machine parts SET and manual
– Runs very smoothly
– Free-motion sewing
– Straight sewing
– Instant reverse sewing with the flick of a lever


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